MarketingMentor (MM) is a multi-month individualized, virtual coaching program for marketers, led by experts in healthcare industry marketing. MM uses blended learning, integrating formal training and on-the-job application for maximum experiential learning and benefit. Virtual coaching sessions and activities are scheduled with flexibility to accommodate the mentee. MM also may be used in conjunction with other learning programs, to ensure application of learning in the job and performance improvements.

Learning Objectives

1-Objectives and learning outcomes are agreed upon with the mentee, the mentee’s manager, and the Innovara Marketing Mentor. The main deliverable is completion of a capstone project demonstrating learning to meet an agreed-upon goal that benefits the brand and/or business

2-In the first virtual session, a learning plan and activity schedule is developed and approved, and the first section of formal training begins

3- 5 additional formal sessions are followed by on-the-job tasks that foster experiential learning each step of the way. Readings, workbooks, and other research assignments are given throughout. The manager is invited to join any discussions or sessions between the mentee and Innovara mentor.

4-Between formal sessions, there will be ad hoc reviews of work and additional coaching to keep desired development progress on point.

5-The final session is the formal presentation or report of the results of the capstone project by the mentee to the manager and Innovara mentor.

Inputs and Outputs

Marketing Competency Baseline

Innovara has defined 10 functional marketing competencies. The Mentee completes an online survey before the first session. Results are benchmarked against high performing marketers at a similar level and are used to inform the Mentee’s development plan. If the company already has a marketing competency model, this assessment will be aligned to it.

The MM Project Charter

The MM Project Charter is a one-page document that defines the mentoring project and goals. Used by Six Sigma companies, its aim is to agreement on what the assignment will entail, what success looks like, and key steps/timings. The charter also defines what is in/out of scope, and how interactions and communications will work.

Aligning to the Company

A confidentiality agreement is signed between the company and Innovara. The company will provide sample plan formats, explanations of terminology, tools and processes that it would like the mentee to use during MM.

The Capstone Project

Capstone projects typically involve some form of comprehensive marketing plan or program reflecting application of marketing theories, research, analyses and consilience. The capstone presentation or report is made at the final MM session, and completes the MM project.