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Here at World Business Fitness, we want everyone to wake up in the morning excited about the work they get to do. One important way we do that is by creating a rewarding, mission-driven work environment for our very own team.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that the team is growing. We’re hiring for four exciting positions, and we’re looking to recruit those who have the passion, persistence and discipline to grow and add value to others.

Now we want you to come work with us.


  • Mentorship – We want to help you grow as an individual and an employee. You’ll gain access to cutting-edge training, extensive support from your peers, plus you’ll surround yourself with the A-list performers we work and connect with regularly.
  • Fast growth – We set ambitious goals for 2018—and then knocked them out of the park! This year, we’re doing even more.
  • Work hard, play harder – We believe in hard work, but we also like to have a good time. To celebrate our accomplishments.
  • Drive humanity forward – To us, this is the best perk of all. We come to work knowing that everything we create helps companies and individuals to release their true potential.

Your work will be seen and heard by thousands of persons who consume our knowledge every single week.

Benefits of Working at WORLD BUSINESS FITNESS


One of our key values is “always be learning” and we take training very seriously. You’ll get access to cutting-edge training, support from your fellow peers who are constantly leveling up, and be surrounded by extremely successful persons who work with us or who are World Business Fitness Trainers. You’ll get the environment and knowledge needed to perform at your absolute highest level.



Daily you’ll be surrounded by some of the most “switched on” people you’ve ever met. There’s a reason we’re one of the fastest growing training companies and that’s because our team is full of serious weapons (who actually walk the walk).


At World Business Fitness there’s no real ceiling to where you can go, what you can do, and what you can earn. As we grow, so too do the opportunities.

Enjoy What You Do

Be ready to build a new concept about being an employee, you will be able to love what you do and add value to yourself and others. you will be exposed to different cultures, companies and countries where we deliver our cutting edge training and consulting services.

Ready To Join Our Dream Team?

See below The Current available vacancies and if it matches your skills and your dream just apply and we will be in contact with you shortly



A Business Development Professional has three primary responsibilities:

  1. Identifying new sales leads
  2. Pitching products and/or services
  3. Maintaining fruitful relationships with existing customers

When it comes to generating leads, day-to-day duties typically include:

  • Researching organisations and individuals online (especially on social media) to identify new leads and potential new markets
  • Researching the needs of other companies and learning who makes decisions about purchasing
  • Contacting potential clients via email or phone to establish rapport and set up meetings
  • Planning and overseeing new marketing initiatives
  • Attending conferences, meetings, and industry events

When it comes to the challenge of actually selling, other typical duties include:

  • Preparing PowerPoint presentations and sales displays
  • Contacting clients to inform them about new developments in the company’s products
  • Developing quotes and proposals
  • Negotiating and renegotiating by phone, email, and in person
  • Developing sales goals for the team and ensuring they are met
  • Training personnel and helping team members develop their skills

To keep healthy relationships with clients, this mostly requires socialisation. So from simple chats on the phone to lunches and events or conferences business development managers must be sure to keep their customers happy. Of course, as with all office jobs, documentation is also a big part of the work. Business development professionals are also obligated to write reports and provide feedback to upper management about what is and is not working.