Pharmaceutical Sales Management Workshops

  • Managing the Winning Sales Team™

    This Workshop based on the premise that the professionalism of the middle manager is crucial to the success of a sales and marketing organization.It is designed to equip these key personnel with the skills to achieve results with and through their subordinates.

  • IMPACT Advanced Field Coaching™

    This Course teaches ways to significantly heighten impact of field coaching efforts in terms of sales force effectiveness. It enables the FLSMs to focus on improving their  coaching skills where they can have the greatest impact on sales representative performance and effectiveness, and representative satisfaction with the way they are being coached.No matter how experienced (or inexperienced) the field sales manager, all come away with significant new “Aha’s!” and concrete plans to immediately and consistently improve the effectiveness of their field coaching efforts and to be able to measure the impact of such field coaching on their sales representatives.

  • Technical Coaching for Sales Managers™

    This workshop works with real selling and coaching challenges to take the participants through a graduated level of challenges. It significantly raises sales managers’ ability to differentiate between competencies, skills development needs and behavioral challenges and to coach appropriately.

  • Sales Planning to Impact and Drive Results™

    It is a highly interactive workshop that enables your first-line sales managers to create annual plans by working their way through 26 unique worksheets, Area Planning from A to Z.  It contains minimal lecture and maximum hands-on involvement, and results in every manager walking away with a concrete, individual area sales plan to implement. SPIDER is a true productivity driver.

  • Countering New Competition™

    This workshop shows companies how to anticipate, preempt and prevent the success of the new threats to brand’s leadership position. Through this fast-paced and highly interactive workshop, participants develop critical and aggressive competitive strategy-forming skills and plans to be highly successful.

  • Solutions & Decisions™

    This workshop is a unique program focusing on how to be more effective in business. Unlike other problem-solving and decision-making programs, S&D focuses on business problems and provides tools and processes enabling individuals to identify alternative solutions or to make decisions alone or in work groups. They will also acquire the necessary problem-solving competencies and learn to apply them strategically in their organization.

  • Coaching the Coach™

    It focuses on making the effective transition from being a manager of representatives to becoming a leader of sales managers. Participants will see improvement in the functional and interpersonal sales leadership skills required to successfully and consistently lead high performance healthcare sales organizations, with emphasis on working with and through FLSMs (First Line Sales Managers). CTC provides tools and processes that enable the participant to apply decision-making processes strategically in their organization, and to develop field coaching plans to achieve the highest ROI and growth potential.

  • Optima™

    This interactive planning and management program designed exclusively for managers of sales managers. Through the use of carefully sequenced worksheets and exercises, Optima guides them step-by-step to create national and regional sales plans, and learn how to better direct their sales organization for maximum productivity.

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