Pharmaceutical Sales Workshops

  • IMPACT Call Planning and Management™

    Studies have shown that the initial months in any sales job where the representative is new to the company are the most critical to future performance. Impact Call Planning and Management (CPM)™ has been designed to provide every pharmaceutical or healthcare sales representative with the best core selling skills training, right from the start.

    Impact CPM is based upon best practices in call planning and management skills on the job that are demonstrated by top sales representatives. Participants will learn how to be an exceptional sales representative by focusing on what exceptional selling looks and feels like. From preparing for the sales call, through to closing and follow up via added value services, every sales representative is given extensive practice and a simple system to build confidence that they WILL become an exceptional representative to their medical and other customers.

  • PROSales™

    PROSales™ is a fast-paced, interactive 3-day workshop that provides a comprehensive orientation (or re-orientation) program for sales representatives serving pharmacies, dermatologists and other healthcare professionals and retailers who sell medicines or other healthcare products to consumers/patients. This comprehensive program looks at all of the different aspects of a sales person’s job, setting the standards for what should be followed in a retail or quasi-retail environment.   Participants will develop strong company, product, customer, and competitive knowledge, as well as best practice pharmacy, clinic and related service skills. A series of team challenges and role plays will encourage a competitive mindset.

  • Selling in Seconds™

    Making Every Moment with the Customer Count

    Today, sales representatives are no longer able to spend more than two minutes with customers, and traditional sales call processes and timing requirements simply won’t work. Representatives find themselves literally chasing customers or losing opportunities to turn an unexpected meeting of a customer in hallways, parking lots, or other settings into a productive and effective sales call. Selling in Seconds™ teaches the representative how to make every such time-pressured moment with any customer a productive call.

  • Competitive Selling™

    Competitive Selling™ instills competitive passion in your sales force. No more “polite” selling, no more referring to competition in general terms. Through the unique Innovara Competitive APPLES© process, participants learn to anticipate competition, to preempt it, to prevent its success and to lead the market. Then, through 12 rounds of competitive selling simulations and exercises, representatives learn to sell not only against specific competitors, but to become highly competitive as a part of their very nature.

  • Productivity Power™

    Achieving concrete and lasting results is the never-ending quest of any sales organization, whether at the territory, key account or district/area levels. What makes Productivity Power™ so powerful is that it significantly advances their ability to do focused analytics on their own sales performance. In this two-day program, sales and marketing personnel and first line managers will develop the advanced skills necessary to accomplishing priorities set by the organization through group dynamics and team work.

    A key dashboard tool, PRISM©, is designed to easily integrate data from the participants own’ companies and areas, with their own dashboards (if they have them). While this tool can be based upon actual sales data, it also allows the participants to translate qualitative performance into quantitative for targeting of sales efforts.

    Productivity Power also heightens competitiveness through focused analytics exercises, as well as gamification relating competitive sales strategies, teamwork and resource management.

  • Selling to Achieve Results™

    Selling to Achieve Results™ (STAR) is a fresh approach to emphasizing effective closing skills. STAR helps sales representatives to understand fundamental sales concepts and then translate them into practical applications for their own products, customers, competitors and selling situations. The STAR model is based upon research conducted on thousands of sales people across the most successful corporations, adapted by Innovara specifically to pharmaceutical and healthcare selling. This research shows that the most successful sales people are highly skilled, allowing customers to do most of the talking, with the sales people being highly selective in which questions they select to use with each customer, in a particular sequence.

  • Physician Partnership Program™

    Face-to-face time with the physician is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive. The Physician Partnership Program™ (PPP) teaches sales representatives to get a better return on investment from their selling efforts.  In addition to deriving more value from the complete sales call process, representatives will better utilize resources and strategically move the physician through the process of adoption, from non-user to advocate, via new micro-marketing and targeting techniques.  The Physician Partnership Program also teaches participants to better leverage value-added services and follow-up into additional sales.

  • Selling to the Patient Journey™

    Despite the many billions of dollars spent around the world on medicines and healthcare, diseases continue to plague patients, mainly due to poor adherence. Selling to the Patient Journey™© (SPJ) is designed to teach the salesperson how to help doctors or other healthcare providers be more effective in helping their patients on their journey of better disease control, from initial diagnosis through a lifetime of better health. Using principles of PCCQ: Patient-centered Cultural Intelligence combined with Shared Decision Making (SDM), Innovara has created a 2-day workshop that will be transformational for salespersons.

  • Key Account Management and Planning™

    Key Account Management and Planning™ (KAMP) equips participants with the advanced selling skills necessary to manage the sales process in major accounts such as hospitals, major managed care accounts, insurers, employers, pharmacy chains and others. Because these accounts typically involve multiple decision makers at the top, participants learn to work better both individually and in cross functional teams to improve access and to drive results based upon well-planned and orchestrated efforts.  Participants not only leave with key account plans that are ready and eager to implement, using processes and formats they can use on the job.

  • Selling to Specialists is Special™

    Selling to Specialists IS Special™ (SSS) recognizes that sales representatives today are not promoting brands as much as promoting value-added services and partnerships in disease diagnosis and management, for which their brands and products are part of a solution. SSS addresses gaining access as the first most important visit to a specialist, to longer term relationship management.

  • Marketing for Sales Personnel and Managers™

    Marketing for Sales Personnel and Managers™ (M4S) focuses on transforming sales reps to become micro marketers with the ability to think and act with strong customer focus.

    This training program is specifically designed for sales personnel and managers who want to understand marketing fundamentals such as market knowledge and analysis, customer focus and insights, competitive differentiation, and marketing communication (internal & external). Through an intensive and practical workshop, the participants will be able to develop more strategic view of their brands and markets, rather than focusing only on sales figures.

    This multi-dimensional approach will help the sales-oriented expert transition an insightful business professional driving high-performance results successfully and consistently.

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