Medical Affairs Workshops

  • Foundations for Medical Science Liaisons™

    Foundations for Medical Science Liaisons™ (FMSL) is an intensive 2-day seminar covering key competencies and functions of Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) with focus on functional competencies, communications, and value-added skills that are essential to most MSLs.

    FMSL provides a foundational understanding of the key activities, roles, responsibilities, and requirements of the MSL, including how the MSL function works internally across the healthcare company and with external medical customers and organizations.

    From global MSL trends in access and value based care to advancing the patient journey using shared decision making and other methods, participants will have an opportunity to learn from advanced trainers and subject matter experts. The training will include interactive case studies and hands-on workshops.

    After completing FMSL, participants will be able to leverage skills required of successful MSLs in today’s highly competitive healthcare markets in order to help them better achieve their goals, develop themselves in areas where advanced skills are required, and help the specialists with whom they collaborate.

  • Engaging with Medical Thought Leaders™

    Engaging with Medical Thought Leaders™ (EMTL) is a 2-day workshop for everyone in the company who may be involved with leading physicians and top professionals who conduct research, educate others, serve on advisory boards or otherwise collaborate with the company.

    Never before has it been so important to work with these leaders, nor so sensitive. EMTL addresses how best to work with and leverage professional relationships with medical thought leaders, while at the same time ensuring that both these leaders and the company’s integrity are never put at risk.

    Fast-paced, hands-on sessions will guide participants through planning/ preparing for the engagement continuum, communicating in face-to-face discussions, asking insightful questions, building trust, working with advisors, conducting surveys, and more. Each session uses a variety of examples, MTL profiles, and various team activities. After the workshop, participants will return to work with practical tools and links to other resources, as well as develop their personal action plan to start using the skills immediately with their MTLs.

  • Technical Coaching for MSL Managers™

    Technical Coaching for MSL Managers™ (TCMSL) is an intensive 2-day open seminar designed to help managers of Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) to be better at coaching in a range of situations. There is a major focus on global standards for excellence for MSLs and their teams, and how to assess performance (including metrics).

    Whether a direct superior or a mentor assigned to work with MSLs in other areas of the company, TCMSL helps MSL managers become clear in their own strengths and development needs to be more effective MSL coaches, counselors, and mentors. Participants will have an opportunity to learn from advanced trainers and subject matter experts. The training will include interactive caselets profiling different MSL situations and needs, role plays, assessments, and other workshops which provide a perfect opportunity for hands-on learning. From managing and coaching the newest MSLs to the most experienced and problematic ones, TCMSL helps make every MSL manager a better coach and leader.

  • Executive Coaching to Advance Medical Presentation Skills™

    Innovara is a world leader in developing medical and scientific presentations skills in today’s and tomorrow’s thought leaders. Executive Coaching to Advance Medical Presentation Skills™ (ECAMP) provides unique, individualized coaching on each participant’s presentations skills. Intensive and repeat practice with feedback and coaching is aligned to each individual’s specific needs as well as speaking engagements and venues. Innovara’s proprietary 72-point diagnostic tool identifies which aspects of their presentation needs the most focus to improve or leverage, and then is used to monitor progress not only during the session, but thereafter, by the participant and/or others.

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