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  • Right Start™

    Studies have shown that the first 30 to 90 days on the job set the expectations for achievement and behavior for the rest of a person’s career. Right Start™ is an on-the-job orientation program that  walks a new marketer through the job right from Day One. Right Start teaches the tools, processes and tasks required of the best product managers, the right way, right from the start.

    Right Start teaches new health care marketers best practices throughout their self-paced program. Modules carefully progress learning, from simple to increasingly complex tasks, including: understanding data and conducting market research; developing marketing plans; presenting to the sales force and management; producing sales and direct marketing materials and campaigns; directing agencies; organizing basic marketing activities; and much more.

    Most importantly, the new product manager or marketing associate immediately applies each new learning to his/her own products.  So Right Start is not just an on-the-job learning program – it IS the job.

  • Marketing Plan in Action™

    The brand planning process and resulting plans are both critical to providing the framework for all marketing activities and communications throughout the organization. The Marketing Plan In Action© (MPIA) is a fast-paced program designed to give those actively involved in marketing ethical products an in-depth understanding of the methods, tools and techniques useful in creating a more strategic and results-oriented marketing plan.

    Introduction to concepts of modelling patients’ and other key stakeholders’ pain points and touchpoints, access strategies in a value-based world, data analytics, and health information technologies (HIT) provide further learning for a high-quality foundation in marketing that helps participants develop the depth of analysis and insights and produce the level of marketing professionalism needed for effective brand plans

  • Advancing Tactical Planning™

    Albert Einstein, when asked why an exam had not been changed from the prior year, he replied, “The questions may be the same, but the answers are different.”

    Advancing Tactical Planning™ (ATP) focuses on implementation of the plan in a highly dynamic pharmaceutical marketplace, continuing on from where most marketing and planning programs stop. Customer access is becoming increasingly difficult for the sales force all over the globe. Ironically, even as sales forces are reduced, the pressure also has never been greater to communicate with customers and build share of voice cost effectively. And embracing new technologies, while being done extensively in less regulated industries, remains a challenge for most pharmaceutical companies. Pulling all these challenges together into a cohesive whole, aligned to brand strategy, is the main outcome of ATP.

  • Building Brand Leaders™

    Only a few products become master brands – brands that not only are major for the company but also are market leaders – and are able to sustain that leadership. Building Brand Leaders™ shows marketers how to build their master brands, how to maximize brand value and achieve market leadership and for any brand, regardless of its potential. From post-launch to post-patent marketing, participants will learn how to build their brand leaders by managing the brand adoption process, and once they have become master brands, how to keep their brands on top. Importantly, Building Brand Leaders accelerates the development of concise strategies and big ideas, breaking the usual marketer’s habit of tactically-driven, formula pharmaceutical marketing. Throughout, we will use an actual pharmaceutical brand case study to challenge the participants and demonstrate the application of the principles being taught to a mid-life master brand.

  • Excellence in Commercial Execution™

    Many Commercial Managers are faced with situations where disappointing outcomes have resulted from robust brand plans; post plan reviews point to failures in execution. Poor execution undermines your brand.

    Excellence in Commercial Execution™ (ECE) reviews why commercial launches and execution are challenges in companies and then focuses on the drivers for successful execution through a series of hands-on group workshops using participants’ own brands. Cross disciplinary teams are formed to work on these challenges. Participants come away with a practical understanding of why they need to own the execution of commercial plans and what they should do to drive more effective implementation across the organization. ExCelX also helps the teams to address the challenges of firewalls that exist within the organization, such as between medical affairs and commercial organizations, heightening compliance and need for risk mitigation, and access impacted by ever increasing cost pressures, health information technology, and data analytics.

  • Driving the Marketing Dashboard™

    Driving the Marketing Dashboard (DMD) is a set of comprehensive workshops studying the lessons learned by some of most successful pharmaceutical and other healthcare brands today. Just as in medical cases, each case represents a distinct and precisely detailed set of challenges and key learnings that can be applied to one’s own brand situations and marketing challenges.

    Cases are chosen to represent a broad range of situations faced at different points in time by these diverse brand leaders, who developed innovative approaches to capture significant share. Teams will be put in the situations of these companies/organizations. Through a graduated process, teams learn new methods of analysis and application of innovative yet highly compliant healthcare industry techniques and resources reflecting P&G’s CEO Lafler’s concepts of “Playing to Win”.

    DMD is most appropriate to train marketing managers and other marketing leaders who are interested not only in keeping themselves up to date in new-age healthcare Lessons Learned from Leading Brands marketing concepts, but also learning how to better coach and mentor other marketers in their organizations.

  • Countering New Competition™

    Your brand is a market leader. Your focus is no longer about building market share, but staying on top against formidable new competitors, be they new technologies or new generics. Countering New Competition™ (CNC) shows companies how to anticipate, preempt and prevent the success of these major new threats to your brand’s leadership position. Through this fast-paced and highly interactive workshop, participants develop critical and aggressive competitive strategy-forming skills and plans to be highly successful.

  • Insights to Strategic Architecture™

    Most brand marketing plans, due to their development during the annual financial planning cycles, have two critical weaknesses – the lack of deep insights on what customers really value and the need for a more robust strategic architecture to guide the marketing of the brand.

    Insights to Strategic Architecture™ (ISA) helps managers drive brand success by effectively differentiating their brand solution from competitors, providing consistently better value to customers.

  • Advanced Strategic Marketing™

    Advanced Strategic Marketing™ (ASM) is a high-level, competitively intense workshop focusing on advanced marketing strategies and concepts. Three case-based major sessions include:

    Shaping Markets and Levers – An intense case based session looking at four or more global market leaders and how they were able to enter problematic markets. Introduces the unique 6X6 Matrix of Building Market Leaders©. This allows participants to understand implications for their own brands.

    Competitive Analysis – New approaches to competitive portfolio management and creating a competitive culture, using APPLES© methodology. Each person will also complete a KaRISMA© assessmenton their own competitiveness, that allows them to identify specifically where they would benefit from improvement, across 6 competitive competencies and 60 behaviors or tasks that demonstrate these competencies.

    Master Branding– Learn to apply the 6 principles of master branding to the brand plan to extend the product life cycle and drive long term continued growth using a portfolio of strategically planned brand energizers to branded service programs to alliance marketing and more

  • Effective Challenging of Strategic Plans™

    Effective Challenging of Strategic Plans™ (ECHoS) is a fast paced, two-day workshop designed to help executives and other managers doing any final plan reviews – business, strategy, marketing, etc. – with their teams, as well asmanagers who need to make planning and plan review processes more meaningful and productive to all.

    Utilizing actual plans, participants practice conducting a review and learning to ask meaningful questions.  After completing a step-wise process of questioning the plan, they also learn how to step back from the details of the plan, and to view the total plan from a higher level.  The workshop ends with participants summarizing and committing to implementing what they have learned to the next business review or brand plan challenge session.

  • Portfolio Strategy & Management™

    Portfolio Strategy and Management™ (PSM) is an intense two-day workshop exclusively for more experienced marketing personnel, including those involved in portfolio resource management and decision-making.

    Participants are assigned to be part of an executive team of a hypothetical pharma company. As team members, they evaluate their own portfolio and the portfolios of other (actual) leading competitive companies, learning to look at the total portfolio’s opportunity and to formulate strategy for further investment and development.

    Participants are then assigned to specific business units in this company. Teams apply similar processes of portfolio analysis to their assigned business units, and from this analysis formulate business unit portfolio strategies for the coming one to three years. In the final session, business unit teams present their business unit portfolio with review and critique by an executive board.

  • Technical Coaching for Marketing Managers™

    The most important asset in marketing is its people.  Nothing is more important to the development of marketing personnel than good mentoring, role modeling and coaching on the job.  However, in the careers of most marketing managers, training on how to be a good marketing coach specific to developing technical skills of marketing within one’s team, is rarely provided.

    Whether a direct superior or a mentor assigned to work with marketers in other areas of the company, Technical Coaching For Marketing Managers™ (TCMM) helps every marketing executive and manager become clear in their own strengths and areas of development need, and enables them to gain complete clarity in how to coach a range of marketing situations, personnel and skills.

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