The Latest Talent Development Road Map For Pharmaceutical Companies

Discover how INNOVARA's 35 years of serving Pharmaceutical companies around the globe can serve your talent development plans

What is included in our latest version of  Talent Development programs Road Map for Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Companies?

1-Sales Programs (12 Programs)

12 Sales training programs from our top selling training programs that tackles the most advanced skills required for the success of your sales team

2-Marketing Programs (12 Programs)

A new scope of pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing training programs which will be the corner stone of your Marketing team success, whether your team members are still new to Marketing or they already have a good knowledge, you will find the programs that will match your team's needs

3-Sales Management Programs (8 Programs)

Sales Management training programs will help your management team to lead their sales teams to a new era of achievement and success, our newly developed courses not only will help them to master the art of leadership but will enhance their technical skills which will reflect on their daily practice and their teams' success.

4-Medical Programs (3 Programs)

Our Medical Training programs are one of the most advanced courses that developed in the history of pharmaceutical industry for  Medical Science Liaisons and the heads of medical departments, These programs will help your medical team to have a concrete vision and  clear KPIs for their Success in helping their companies and cooperate with the different departments

5-Assessments (3 Assessments)

Our Assessments will enable you to benchmark your teams' capabilities and development needs against industry standards and expectations around the globe


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