Years and hundreds of millions of dollars go into the development of a new pharmaceutical product, but by the time a company receives the information, it has a very short time to prepare for the launch of the product. World Class Launch™ focuses on the critical elements of getting a product from development to launch in as short a time frame and impactful a manner as possible. Using principles of PACE (Product and Cycle Time Excellent), Innovara shows participants how to organize, plan and execute a successful launch quickly and efficiently. Applying what they are learning and processing to their own new product launch, participants ideally work in cross-functional teams so that all become aligned to common purpose and strategy.

Learning Objectives

1-Learn to break the launch into 4 distinct stages and to plan for each stage to minimize errors, failures, delays and miscommunications

2-Learn to organize a cross-functional core launch team and process, including establishing executive review processes that won’t derail or delay the launch

3-Plan through longer term life cycle decisions that need to be considered before launch

4-Create network of support personnel responsible for implementing the launch

5-Finalize a complete launch plan and communicate it throughout the organization

Who Should Attend

While this is primarily for marketing personnel, we also encourage cross-functional members to join from the new product launch effort, i.e. who will be responsible for managing or contributing to preparations for a new product launch, e.g. medical affairs, sales, channel management, payer systems, external affairs, and others.