One of the basic tenets of a sales and marketing job is to be able to work seamlessly with every member of the organizational structure. It enriches one’s experience and enables an individual to belong, develops one’s capability to give his/her share in building and/or raising a team’s performance and prepares him/her future as a valued member of the organization.

Working Across Boundaries™ will help release the participant’s inherent social personality to work harmoniously with every member of the organization, vertically and horizontally, making him/her a productive and important member of the team.

Learning Objectives

1-Realize the personal and organizational benefits of working across boundaries

2-Become part of a high performance team, both directly and virtual (ad hoc)

3-Prepare to share Working Across Boundaries with company teammates via ECHO sessions

Who Should Attend

The program is suitable for any member of the commercial and medical affairs teams