Visionary Leadership and Change Management™: Becoming a “change agent” in an organization implies assessing one’s capacity for visionary leadership and developing key competencies to effectively promote change and innovation. One does not do this through ad hoc tactics, but by building skills and following a process that includes assessing the need for change, questioning the underlying assumptions of strategic innovation and trends, and presenting credible arguments for change to gain buy-in from all levels of one’s organization.

Learning Objectives

1-Recognize the drivers of change, external versus internal or proactive versus reactive change, and their implications

2-Learn the 4 steps to strategic innovation: Monitor Strategic Health, Create Positive Crises, Challenge the Strategic Planning Process, Institutionalize a Questioning Attitude

3-Assess the need for change and the likelihood of its success and how to convince the organization to innovate and gain emotional commitment

4-Demonstrate to managers how to best utilize the knowledge and skills of all employees, regardless of level, function or location

5-Engage all employees who will be involved in successful implementation of change and transformation

Who Should Attend

The program is suitable for senior leaders interested in addressing challenges requiring innovation and improving their organization’s position relative to the competitive environment.