Technical Coaching for Sales Managers™ (TCSM) is an intensive 2-day program designed to help managers of specialists or highly competitive primary care and key account sales teams to be better at coaching in a range of challenging representative and specialty customer or key account selling situations. After a brief review of the company’s desired coaching methodology, TCSM works with real selling and coaching challenges to take the participants through a graduated level of challenges. TCSM significantly raises sales managers’ ability to differentiate between competencies, skills development needs and behavioral challenges and to coach appropriately.

Learning Objectives

1–Be able to coach sales representatives on how to differentiate good and weak examples of selling and other technical aspects of customer development

2-Ensure that those new to healthcare selling have a great initial experience and accelerate their productivity in specialty sales

3-Learn how to handle problem representatives appropriately, based upon actual experiences or difficulties, consistent with company HR policies, competency models and practices

4-Be able to return to the job and immediately begin to improve one’s own effectiveness as sales manager, coach and leader

Who Should Attend

Every sales executive and other managers responsible for the development of sales personnel at any level, from new sales representatives, MSLs, key account salespersons, and specialty representatives to first-line sales managers and other sales managers who will benefit from more advanced coaching skills involved in longer selling cycles.  Participants may join from multiple divisions (e.g. Pharmaceutical, specialty, specialty, diagnostics, etc.).

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