The most important asset in marketing is its people.  Nothing is more important to the development of marketing personnel than good mentoring, role modeling and coaching on the job.  However, in the careers of most marketing managers, training on how to be a good marketing coach specific to developing technical skills of marketing within one’s team, is rarely provided. 

Whether a direct superior or a mentor assigned to work with marketers in other areas of the company, Technical Coaching For Marketing Managers™ (TCMM) helps every marketing executive and manager become clear in their own strengths and areas of development need, and enables them to gain complete clarity in how to coach a range of marketing situations, personnel and skills.

Learning Objectives

1-Understand your technical marketing and coaching strengths and weaknesses as a marketing manager, as perceived by you and your subordinates

2-Be able to coach subordinates on how to differentiate “good” and “weak” examples of marketing, e.g. objectives vs. strategies vs. tactics and other technical aspects of marketing

3-Ensure that those new to marketing have a great initial experience and accelerate their productivity in marketing

4-Learn how to handle the problem marketer appropriately, based upon actual experiences or difficulties faced within the group and their own subordinates, consistent with company HR policies and practices

5-Be able to return to the job and immediately begin to improve one’s own effectiveness as marketing coach and leader

Who Should Attend

Every marketing executive and other managers responsible for the development of marketing personnel at any level, from new product managers and marketing associates to “fast track” and senior marketing personnel.  Participants may join from multiple divisions (e.g. Pharmaceutical, specialty, oncology, diagnostics, etc.).  Completion of the 180-degree assessment prior to coming to the program is absolutely required for attendance.