On-Target Forecasting and Budgeting for Marketers©

Across all sectors of industry, profitability and return on investment have never been so uncertain, or more challenging. Yet marketers, sales managers, new product and business development managers are depended upon to provide more reliable short- and longer-term forecasts and commercial budgets. Taking AIM™ is for those working in evolving businesses and markets, where historically-based forecasting methods are increasingly less reliable or predictive of future business.

Incorporating these key learnings from top performing companies, participants will learn to challenge and be more effective in developing robust forecasts and budgets. Such forecasts and budgets need to be useful in other marketing aspects: To test assumptions and sensitivities, assess and mitigate risk, and guide segmentation and targeting.

Learning Objectives

1-Provide practical guidelines on how to use qualitative forecasting techniques on existing and new products and related portfolios, to project market, customer, and competitive trends in a changing market environment

2-Apply these methods to different market tasks, from sales projections to longer term market forecasts, and from account targeting to segmentation.

3-Visualize data and potential outcomes when projecting impact of alternative marketing strategies, projecting outcomes for different scenarios, and in planning

4-Construct pro forma budgets to test the impact of alternative commercial decisions and forecasts and to optimize the P&L

5-Appreciate the different types of budgets, how they relate to each other, and to commercial strategy and decision making

Who Should Attend

All marketing, business development personnel and sales management, especially those managing marketing budgets, portfolios and/or P&Ls, sales budgets and responsible for forecasting and budgeting tasks and/or decisions.