Strategic Product Management (SPM) is a 3-day workshop designed to help marketing and other managers learn how to quickly conduct an environmental scan and gain deep insights into their markets. SPM aims to help marketers become proactive leaders of their brands/product portfolio throughout the life cycle of their existing products.  It help focus them to become stronger strategic thinkers, serving in effect as an “Intrapreneur” to drive business growth and success. 

From formulating hypotheses and then proving/disproving them to identifying the biggest opportunities for growth and business success and developing deep customer and competitive insights, those attending SPM learn to make better decisions, faster, as done in top performing companies. They also learn to anticipate existing and new competition, and prepare a competitively strategic, robust marketing plan.

Learning Objectives

1-Become significantly advanced in their understanding of how to conduct an environmental scan for any market and brand/ product line

2-Focus on the biggest opportunities for growth and business success

3-Use hypothesis formulation and insightful questions to efficiently analyze the market, customers and competition

4-Formulate sustainable and highly competitive strategies

5-Apply tools and processes immediately to their own brands/products and jobs

Who Should Attend

Marketing and product managers. Others who may attend at the option of marketing include sales and other key commercial managers and executives who are involved in strategic and resource approval, and/or implementation of the plans across the organization.