Strategic Customer Engagement™ (SCE) focuses on building customer loyalty by enhancing the drivers of customer engagement. This experiential learning program is specifically designed for sales representatives and their managers who want to strengthen access to specialists through engagement and sustainable relationships. Using the Innovara Engagement Continuum©, SCE provides an opportunity to look at various pathways to reinforce customer participation levels through identifying and analyzing customer engagement drivers associated with the product adoption levels and stages.

Through a series of hands-on workshops, sales representatives will develop the capability to direct the best synchronized multichannel mix to customers, gaining commitment and advancing them along the engagement continuum.

Learning Objectives

1-Analyze customers, current players’ access/ impact on the prescribers, influencers, and customer engagement

2-Increase customer access, satisfaction and  retention

3-Leverage multichannel resources and communications to enhance the relationship

4-Advance customer engagement and relationship development through multiple stages and levels of adoption

5-Gain commitment with customers to next steps in a mutually-agreed engagement continuum

Who Should Attend

This program is suitable for medical and sales representatives, as well as first line sales managers.