Despite the many billions of dollars spent around the world on medicines and healthcare, diseases continue to plague patients, mainly due to poor adherence. Selling to the Patient Journey™© (SPJ) is designed to teach the salesperson how to help doctors or other healthcare providers be more effective in helping their patients on their journey of better disease control, from initial diagnosis through a lifetime of better health. Using principles of PCCQ: Patient-centered Cultural Intelligence combined with Shared Decision Making (SDM), Innovara has created a 2-day workshop that will be transformational for salespersons.

Learning Objectives

1-How to map the patient journey in target disease areas

2-Appreciate that when the doctor diagnoses these diseases, the patients are already very downstream in their disease, with entrenched behaviors, and also often are on treatment that is not effectively controlling their disease

3-Use PCCQ and SDM in promoting medicines and support for patients in target disease areas

4-Be able to apply concepts of PCCQ and SDM to help doctors help their patients on their journey of successful disease management

5-Learn to think and speak the language of the patient in all one’s communications to doctors and to help the doctors understand how to do the same with their patients

Who Should Attend

Salespersons, sales managers, product managers, marketing managers, medical science liaisons (if any) and medical affairs/information managers.