Making Every Moment with the Customer Count

Today, sales representatives are no longer able to spend more than two minutes with customers, and traditional sales call processes and timing requirements simply won’t work. Representatives find themselves literally chasing customers or losing opportunities to turn an unexpected meeting of a customer in hallways, parking lots, or other settings into a productive and effective sales call. Selling in Seconds™ teaches the representative how to make every such time-pressured moment with any customer a productive call.

Learning Objectives

1-Establish the level and quality of professionalism expected at all times in any selling situation

2-Dramatically increase sales effectiveness in a short selling situation (up to 60 seconds) and related call opportunities

3-Be prepared to take advantage of both planned and unplanned opportunities to interact with a customer

4-Be the one interaction that the customer remembers and acts upon

Who Should Attend

All sales personnel, sales representatives and managers, including all those involved in selling activities and service support and customer interfaces (product managers, medical liaisons, events managers, sales service personnel and others).