Sales Planning to Impact and Drive Results™ (SPIDER) is a highly interactive 3-day workshop that enables your area or other first-line sales managers to create annual plans by working their way through 26 unique worksheets, Area Planning from A to Z.  It contains minimal lecture and maximum hands-on involvement, and results in every manager walking away with a concrete, individual area sales plan to implement. SPIDER is a true productivity driver.

The 26 A to Z worksheets help each manager develop his or her individual district or area sales plan through to an executive summary of their plan for presentation to general management and national sales management.

Learning Objectives

1-Develop a concrete, implementable plan for the balance of the year and into the next year

2-Identify specific areas for improvement in four areas: sales by products, competitive targeting, key accounts, and representatives

3-Optimize sales coverage and the time the area manager needs to spend in the field with each representative

4-Improve allocation and management of key resources (time, human resources and sales promotion expenses/activities)

Who Should Attend

All sales managers or other first line sales managers. Others who should attend include national or regional sales managers (to observe, help direct and otherwise be aware of what their area managers are learning and being asked/taught to do). It is not necessary for marketing to attend, but they may do so as observers and to help answer questions about products, etc.