The Innovara Sales Management Assessment™ (ISMA) enables the organization to benchmark the capabilities and development needs of its sales management team against industry standards and expectations. ISMA is used to identify key sales management development needs at all levels of the organization, from Vice Presidents to first-line sales managers. ISMA results in personalized assessment reports for individuals as well as group assessment reports for all sales-related personnel in a company or department, as well as by level of personnel. It profiles up to 10 competencies critical to functional sales excellence. Additional competencies can be designed into the assessment tool, if required.

Learning Objectives

1-Develop the company’s sales management group and individual development needs

2-Benchmark competencies and related skills and leverage strengths across the organization

3-Prioritize and map development needs to learning activities and solutions at three levels: formal training, on-the-job learning, and self-development

Who Should Take ISMA

1st and 2nd line sales managers, sales services managers, key account managers with direct reports, business unit managers with sales teams reporting to them, national sales managers, and other 3rd line managers.

The ISMA may also be administered to those about to enter sales management from front line sales or other functions in order to help assess their intuitive sales management skills and base level of readiness. This helps the individual and company to focus on development activities that will ensure a smooth and productive transition into sales management.

The ISMA may be used to assess developmental needs of individual or several candidates being considered for recruitment into a key sales management position from outside the company.