The Innovara Marketing Assessment™ (IMA) enables the organization to benchmark the capabilities and development needs of its marketing talents and marketing organization against industry standards and expectations. IMA is used to identify key marketing development needs at all levels of the organization, from Vice Presidents and General Managers to entry level marketing personnel. IMA results in personalized development needs reports for individuals that identifies their strengths and opportunities for improvements by competency as well as by specific skill/behavior. We also provide group development needs reports for total group and by level of personnel. Typically, it evaluates learning needs across core competencies critical to functional marketing excellence. These can be adapted to companies’ competency models. Additional competencies can be designed into the assessment as well.

Learning Objectives

1-Assess individual and group skills in desired marketing competencies

2-Create an individual development program based upon areas of priority, formulated from comparisons to global industry standards and/or group performances

3-Create a group development plan based upon the collective results of these assessments

4-Understand where the hidden marketing talent exists within an organization

5-IMA can also be customized to assess specific competencies desired by a company, as well as to the specific industry

Who should take IMA

Any person involved in marketing, from leading a marketing organization at the top to those in all marketing and marketing-related functions, to those supporting marketing efforts. There are multiple levels against which a person may be benchmarked. Those being assessed from outside of marketing, for rotation through or transfer into marketing, also should complete the IMA in order to optimize and their learning journey during such onboarding and to accelerate their productivity.