Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Marketing™ (FPM) is a strategically-oriented program which establishes both the framework and the specific techniques critical to the development of an effective marketing team. It focuses on the importance of good analysis preceding action, through logical, sequential steps. From macro and micro analysis, through to gaining a better understanding of segmentation and of the customer and anticipation of the competitor, this program not only helps the new product manager to produce a better plan, but to also produce better business results.

FPM is an excellent program for any company that wishes to develop a high caliber of product and marketing managers. It will establish a consistent approach to marketing planning, with a common understanding of key marketing terminology, analytical tools, planning processes and formats. A highly results-oriented program, this seminar is most effective to attend prior to beginning your company’s actual marketing planning process.

Learning Objectives

1-Develop common marketing terminology, tools and processes

2-Establish a framework for integrated planning and analysis 

3- Significantly improve skills of segmentation and segment profiling

4-Become much more strategic and innovative in challenging competitors 5-Create clear positioning and core marketing strategies

5-Learn to create and implement marketing plans

Who Should Attend

All junior marketing and product managers, as well as other key implementation or decision makers involved in the planning process