Engaging with Medical Thought Leaders™ (EMTL) is a 2-day workshop for everyone in the company who may be involved with leading physicians and top professionals who conduct research, educate others, serve on advisory boards or otherwise collaborate with the company.

Never before has it been so important to work with these leaders, nor so sensitive. EMTL addresses how best to work with and leverage professional relationships with medical thought leaders, while at the same time ensuring that both these leaders and the company’s integrity are never put at risk.

Fast-paced, hands-on sessions will guide participants through planning/ preparing for the engagement continuum, communicating in face-to-face discussions, asking insightful questions, building trust, working with advisors, conducting surveys, and more. Each session uses a variety of examples, MTL profiles, and various team activities. After the workshop, participants will return to work with practical tools and links to other resources, as well as develop their personal action plan to start using the skills immediately with their MTLs.

Learning Objectives

1-Clearly, appreciate what MTLs expect of Medical Affairs personnel with whom they want to engage

2-Use insightful questions to advance the engagement with the MTL

3-Improve confidence when discussing your vs. competition’s RCT and RWE data

4-Learn methods to improve how to discuss improving patient adherence, update guidelines and more

5-Gain commitment with the MTL to next steps to advance the engagement continuum

Who Should Attend

All those who work with medical thought leaders, specialists, those engaged in education, patient management and clinical research, and disease area therapeutic guidelines. These may include: medical managers, medical affairs managers, medical science liaisons (MSLs), medical advisors, therapeutic leads, and others engaged in discussions and collaborations with MTLs.