Effective Challenging of Strategic Plans™ (ECHoS) is a fast paced, two-day workshop designed to help executives and other managers doing any final plan reviews – business, strategy, marketing, etc. – with their teams, as well as managers who need to make planning and plan review processes more meaningful and productive to all.

Utilizing actual plans, participants practice conducting a review and learning to ask meaningful questions.  After completing a step-wise process of questioning the plan, they also learn how to step back from the details of the plan, and to view the total plan from a higher level.  The workshop ends with participants summarizing and committing to implementing what they have learned to the next business review or brand plan challenge session.

Learning Objectives

1-Understand how to utilize a robust challenge to ensure the plan is viable and that those most responsible for the plan are able to succinctly articulate the true strategic elements of the plan that are most critical to its success

2-Practice conducting a review and to ask strategic, insightful questions and make other positive contributions to the plan

3-Effectively challenge a plan to ensure that it “connects the dots” between market and situational information through to final actions and budgets

4-Learn to look for potential fatal flaws, while considering alternative business models

5-Engage and lead cross functional inputs in the plan review, while encouraging the planners to seek such inputs earlier in the plan development process

6-Ensure those most responsible for developing the plan are motivated and energized by the review process.

Who Should Attend

Executives and other senior managers and directors, other upper management and those responsible for cross-functional or other cross-organizational teams working on a common project plan.