Driving the Marketing Dashboard (DMD) is a set of comprehensive workshops studying the lessons learned by some of most successful pharmaceutical and other healthcare brands today. Just as in medical cases, each case represents a distinct and precisely detailed set of challenges and key learnings that can be applied to one’s own brand situations and marketing challenges.

Cases are chosen to represent a broad range of situations faced at different points in time by these diverse brand leaders, who developed innovative approaches to capture significant share. Teams will be put in the situations of these companies/organizations. Through a graduated process, teams learn new methods of analysis and application of innovative yet highly compliant healthcare industry techniques and resources reflecting P&G’s CEO Lafler’s concepts of “Playing to Win”.

DMD is most appropriate to train marketing managers and other marketing leaders who are interested not only in keeping themselves up to date in new-age healthcare Lessons Learned from Leading Brands marketing concepts, but also learning how to better coach and mentor other marketers in their organizations.

Learning Objectives

1-Learn to analyze and consider how potential marketing leaders are most likely to “play to win”

2-Ask more strategic and insightful questions to result in brand plans that are highly differentiating and leadership driven

3-Reinforce the need to think and act differently, to recognize or create opportunities and levers that can be uniquely satisfied by one’s brand and company, utilizing new-age marketing tools and techniques that are compliant

4-Advance one’s ability to assess and mitigate risk in the face of competitive uncertainty

5-Beyond the product and commercial strategy, learn to lead, coach and mentor others in marketing in some of these new concepts and techniques

Who Should Attend

All levels, starting with senior marketing and other leadership across multiple functions who need to work together to bring brands to leadership levels, cascading down to more junior levels of commercial and other personnel who may work in brand teams.