Life sciences industries, from pharmaceutical to devices, from diagnostics to healthcare services and systems, are undergoing transformation at a faster rate than ever before. A major driver of this rapid change are digital communications, information management and medicine. Digital Healthcare Marketing™ is a dynamic program designed specifically for life sciences and healthcare industry marketers involved in multichannel marketing to more effectively integrate digital marketing into branded and non-branded commercial strategies and platforms, as well to consider how digital medicine, augmented reality, and other advances may be leveraged now and in the future

Learning Objectives

1-Learn from best practice examples in digital marketing that may be applied to their own multichannel marketing challenges and opportunities in the short and longer terms

2-Use digital marketing strategically to improve customer communications and impact, both upstream and downstream

3-Implement effective digital marketing programs and projects, as well as plan forward to be able to sustain the effort and resources required to manage a digital marketing effort

4-Measure and demonstrate results and benefits of digital marketing to the company and to customers, as well as to disease management and health outcomes

5-Implement digital marketing initiatives as a vital part of the marketing plan and multichannel marketing initiatives, upon return to the job

Who should attend

Multichannel marketers, marketing managers, product/brand managers, and other personnel involved directly or indirectly in digital marketing, multichannel marketing, and related strategic innovation initiatives (e.g. digital medicine).