Customer Focused Marketing™ is a three-day program that results in a paradigm shift from being product-marketing focused to developing plans and strategies centered on key customer segments.  From developing thought leaders to creating and managing advisory board strategies, to identifying key government and health care institutional marketing needs, and more, this is a solid, practical marketing training program.

Learning Objectives

1-Show marketers how to become significantly more customer-focused, benefitting the complete franchise or product portfolio

2-Show marketers how to develop company-to-customer relationships that have major leverage across the total business

3-Provide a common foundation in customer-oriented terminology, tools and concepts as well as enhance strategic thinking skills

4-Return to the workplace and be able to immediately apply what they have learned on the job, and help ensure sufficient follow-up support by top management

Who should attend

All levels and functions, but should had some experience working in marketing, sales, or management functions.