Your brand is a market leader. Your focus is no longer about building market share, but staying on top against formidable new competitors, be they new technologies or new generics. Countering New Competition™ (CNC) shows companies how to anticipate, preempt and prevent the success of these major new threats to your brand’s leadership position. Through this fast-paced and highly interactive workshop, participants develop critical and aggressive competitive strategy-forming skills and plans to be highly successful.

Learning objectives

1-Learn how to create a competitive intelligence radar screen

2-Raise barriers to new competitors and  attack them on relevant weaknesses

3-Identify the areas for improvement including unmet needs or hot topics

4-Design a marketing plan and core strategy built around the 4 Ps of countering new competition •Identify tactical solutions to challenges faster than new competitors •Draw the attention of the corporation to unresolved issues

Who Should Attend

Cross functional teams, all marketing and product managers, sales managers, medical/regulatory managers, others in key roles to support a company’s “at risk” brand.