Most of us learn best from stories, especially those that we can relate to our own situations, brands and marketing challenges. Cases in Marketing Excellence™ (CME) are comprehensive workshops studying the lessons learned by some of most successful pharmaceutical brands today, but looked at from before launch, when the market situations and even the products themselves were less than ideal. Just as in medical cases, each Marketing Excellence case represents a distinct and precisely detailed set of challenges and key learnings that can be applied to one’s own brand situations.

Participants join from multiple functions and are led through the specific stages of the brand history, from background and market situation prior to launch through to the present situation. At specific stages of the brand’s life, certain decisions must be made by the participants and rationale for same be explained. These answers are then compared to the expert answer, before moving forward to the next phase in the case. Cases are selected based upon what the key learning points are for each company’s brands. Customized cases are tailored to incorporate and show how specific analytical tools, types of data, planning processes and formats, etc. are utilized to give deeper insights and to lead to much more strategic thinking by the participants

Learning Objectives

1-Learn to think and act differently, to recognize or create opportunities and levers that can be uniquely satisfied by one’s brand and company

2-Discover from brand leaders how they changed the rules of the game to win

3-Ask more insightful questions that result in brand plans that are highly differentiating and leadership driven

4-Beyond the product and commercial strategy, lead by mobilizing the organization via multi-functional teamwork and alignment

Who Should Attend

All levels, starting with senior marketing and other leadership across multiple functions who need to work together to bring brands to leadership levels, cascading down to more junior levels of commercial and other personnel who may work in brand teams.