Albert Einstein, when asked why an exam had not been changed from the prior year, he replied, “The questions may be the same, but the answers are different.” Advancing Tactical Planning™ (ATP) focuses on implementation of the plan in a highly dynamic pharmaceutical marketplace, continuing on from where most marketing and planning programs stop. Customer access is becoming increasingly difficult for the sales force all over the globe. Ironically, even as sales forces are reduced, the pressure also has never been greater to communicate with customers and build share of voice cost effectively. And embracing new technologies, while being done extensively in less regulated industries, remains a challenge for most pharmaceutical companies. Pulling all these challenges together into a cohesive whole, aligned to brand strategy, is the main outcome of ATP

Learning Objectives

1-Develop campaigns that build customer value and do not waste company resources (time, people, investment)

2-Learn to be more strategic through development of sustainable and differentiated promotional campaigns

3-Better manage marketing agencies and other vendors effectively, keeping them focused on the strategy and implementation plan

4-Budget and monitor all the elements of the plan to stay on target, on time

5-Ensure that key implementers of the campaign and plan are motivated and committed to successful execution

Who Should Attend

Product or brand managers, marketing associates or assistant product managers, and high-potential candidates being developed for future moves into marketing