Innovara is a world leader in developing medical and scientific presentations skills in today’s and tomorrow’s thought leaders. Executive Coaching to Advance Medical Presentation Skills™ (ECAMP) provides unique, individualized coaching on each participant’s presentations skills. Intensive and repeat practice with feedback and coaching is aligned to each individual’s specific needs as well as speaking engagements and venues. Innovara’s proprietary 72-point diagnostic tool identifies which aspects of their presentation needs the most focus to improve or leverage, and then is used to monitor progress not only during the session, but thereafter, by the participant and/or others.

Learning Objectives

1-Ensure that the key messages and content are being transferred to the audience, which is especially critical in medicine (and according to AACME requirements, if in US)

2-Improve presentation methodology, visual and content generation and organization to build impactful and well-structured medical presentations

3-Be more effective by learning how to be engaging when presenting at major congresses

4-Practice audience Q&A session to anticipate and increase confidence in responding to the most difficult questions or unexpected challenges

5-Understand the audience and the importance of sensitivity when presenting to people of diverse backgrounds, languages, and cultures