Advanced Strategic Marketing™ (ASM) is a high-level, competitively intense workshop focusing on advanced marketing strategies and concepts. Three case-based major sessions include:

1. Shaping Markets and Levers – An intense case based session looking at four or more global market leaders and how they were able to enter problematic markets. Introduces the unique 6X6 Matrix of Building Market Leaders©.  This allows participants to understand implications for their own brands.

2. Competitive Analysis – New approaches to competitive portfolio management and creating a competitive culture, using APPLES© methodology.  Each person will also complete a KaRISMA© assessment on their own competitiveness, that allows them to identify specifically where they would benefit from improvement, across 6 competitive competencies and 60 behaviors or tasks that demonstrate these competencies.

3. Master Branding– Learn to apply the 6 principles of master branding to the brand plan to extend the product life cycle and drive long term continued growth using a portfolio of strategically planned brand energizers to branded service programs to alliance marketing and more.

Learning Objectives

1Learn which situations create unique opportunities to create and lead markets, and which levers to leverage to achieve brand leadership

2Enable experienced marketers to make higher-impact strategic choices as they relate to marketing and commercial decisions

3Improve the ability to analyze and counter competition, to heighten competitiveness in oneself and through one’s strategies, plans and implementation of those plans

4Succinctly summarize a strategic plan in one slide or poster to focus on the big moves that will drive the brand and business results

5Share best practices, and have the opportunity to share each others’ challenges and questions, plus have expert mentor feedback